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Hydro Plaster is a highly versatile, fully waterproof coating, which is suitable for a wide range of horizontal and vertical applications. Commonly specified for bathrooms, wet rooms, walls, floors, and worktops in both residential and commercial environments.

Hydro Plaster is available in three separate grain sizes, Refined, Natural and Rustic. Each range can be applied in several styles and techniques, each with its own unique aesthetic. Once applied, all styles can be finished in either ‘Matt’ or ‘Diamond Polished’ sheen levels.

Hydro Plaster (Rustic) – Highly durable, large grain, natural stone finish. Suitable for high traffic walls, floors, and bathrooms. Hydro Plaster (Rustic) can be heavily sanded so that it is smooth to the touch or lightly sanded to aid non-slip properties. Available In a wide range of application styles, such as: Raw, Organic and Cloud.

Hydro Plaster (Natural) – Understated, simplistic finish with subtle tones and minimal movement. Available In a wide range of application styles, such as: Organic and Cloud. Hydro Plaster (Natural) is suitable for walls, bathrooms, and medium traffic floors.

Hydro Plaster (Refined) – Plaster Effect finish with an extensive variety of application styles, such as: Cloud and Organic. No visible grains, suitable for walls, bathrooms, and low traffic floors.

Matt – high level of stain resistance, but more susceptible to scratching under point loads. Matt is commonly specified in bathroom environments for its low sheen aesthetic. Renewal of a matt surface requires sanding and re-coating of the sealer surface.

Polished – The dense, re-fined surface is extremely resistant to abrasion and scratching. However, a polished finish will stain easier if chemicals or strong colours are left on the surface for prolonged periods. Renewal of a diamond polished surface is much simpler and only requires re-buffing.

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– All Hydro Plaster samples are handmade, therefore variations in colour, tone, and surface finish may be evident. We highly recommend commissioning a large format from your chosen installer once the project is confirmed.

– The above samples do not show the full Hydro Plaster system build ups, and are used solely for colour, style, and sheen reference.

– Standard size samples (16cm x 20cm) can be returned when they are no longer needed. A full refund (excluding postage) will be credited when returned in a saleable condition. This is not applicable to sizes 30cm x 30cm or 60cm x 60cm.