The ultimate guide to bathroom plaster

bathroom plaster

Choosing the correct plaster is crucial for functionality and aesthetics when renovating your bathroom. At Luna Plaster, we understand the importance of selecting high-quality plaster that provides smooth and durable surfaces and enhances the look of your space.  In this comprehensive guide, we explore the world of bathroom plaster – learning about its benefits and […]

Unveiling the beauty of plaster finishes: A guide

plaster finishes

Few elements hold as much transformative power in construction and design as plaster finishes. From timeless elegance to contemporary chic, the versatility of plaster knows no bounds.  We explore the intricacies of plaster finishes, delving into their applications, aesthetic potentials, and techniques that elevate them from mere wall coverings to stunning focal points.  Luna Plaster […]

Clay Plaster

clay plaster

Clay plaster is an increasingly popular product for interior and exterior design. From its eco-friendly properties to its aesthetic appeal, this article will explain the countless benefits of using clay as your plaster of choice.  What is clay plaster? Clay plaster – also known as clay render or clay finish, is a natural building material […]