Bespoke Colour Samples

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Earth Plaster is a 100% natural blend of unfired clay, mixed with minerals and pigments to provide  healthy, breathable finishes for internal walls and ceilings.

Hydro Plaster is a highly versatile, fully waterproof coating, which is suitable for a wide range of horizontal and vertical applications. Commonly specified for bathrooms, wet rooms, walls, floors, and worktops in both residential and commercial environments.

Rock Plaster is a versatile, highly water resistant coating, which is suitable for all wall and ceiling applications. Commonly specified for bathrooms, wet rooms and walls in both residential and commercial environments.

Note: For more information about which product is most suitable for your project, view the systems page here.

All bespoke samples are non-refundable.

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Colour Options

NOTE:  Colours vary between product ranges and finishes, the images shown above are for guidance only. A physical sample must be viewed prior to job commencement.


Three Different Finishes Available

Rustic – Large visible grains, leaving a detailed finish.

Natural – Medium grain finish, with subtle tones and movement.

Refined – Fine grain, smooth plaster like finish.


Styles Available

Raw – A textured aesthetic

Organic – A natural/plain style

Cloud – Lots of tonal variation


Sheen levels explained:

Matt – High level of stain resistance, but more susceptible to scratching under point loads. Matt is commonly specified in bathroom environments for its low sheen aesthetic. Renewal of a matt surface requires sanding and re-coating of the sealer surface.

Polished – The dense, re-fined surface is extremely resistant to abrasion and scratching (MOH 7.5). However, a polished finish will stain easier if chemicals or strong colours are left on the surface for prolonged periods. Renewal of a diamond polished surface is much simpler and only requires re-buffing.


– All LUNA PLASTER samples are handmade, therefore variations in colour, tone, and surface finish may be evident. We highly recommend commissioning a large format from your chosen installer once the project is confirmed.

– The above samples do not show the full HYDRO PLASTER system build ups, and are used solely for colour, style, and sheen reference.

All bespoke samples are non-refundable.

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