Few elements hold as much transformative power in construction and design as plaster finishes. From timeless elegance to contemporary chic, the versatility of plaster knows no bounds. 

We explore the intricacies of plaster finishes, delving into their applications, aesthetic potentials, and techniques that elevate them from mere wall coverings to stunning focal points. 

Luna Plaster systems

At Luna Plaster, we offer three distinct plaster systems for our customers, depending on their project preferences:

Earth: An entirely natural combination of unfired clay is enriched with raw minerals and pigments to offer environmentally friendly and breathable solutions for internal plaster finishes.

Our eco-friendly Earth Plaster absorbs toxins and provides unique aesthetics with depths of colours, tone and texture not found in conventional finishes.

Rock: An adaptable and water-resistant coating. Rock plaster is suited to wall and ceiling applications and has the same aesthetic appeal as Luna’s Earth Plaster. 

Rock plaster is ideal for durable environments like bathrooms, wet rooms and walls in residential and commercial settings. Rock is an alternative to painting – especially when customers want a cloudy finish. It can be scrubbed and cleaned.

Hydro: Our popular Hydro Plaster is another versatile and waterproof coating suited to vertical and horizontal applications. 

We offer a lifetime guarantee that it will retain its waterproof qualities – making it an ideal product for bathrooms, wet rooms, floors and worktops. A lot of our customers use Hydro Plaster as an alternative to tiling.  

plaster finish


What are the different types of plaster finishes? 

Plaster finishes serve artistry and functionality. As individuals seek to infuse their living spaces with personality and character, understanding the array of plaster finishes becomes paramount. 

Each type of plaster offers a distinct aesthetic and texture. By delving into the world of plaster finishes, homeowners and designers unlock a wealth of creative possibilities to transform their interiors into bespoke havens of style and sophistication.

plaster finishing

At Luna Plaster, we specialise in three well-defined plaster finishes:

Rustic: A highly durable, large grain, natural stone finish. Suitable for high-traffic walls, floors, and bathrooms. 

Heavy sanding creates a smooth-to-the-touch finish and light sanding aids in non-slip properties. The rustic finish is available in several application styles – such as Raw, Organic and Cloud.

Natural: An understated, simplistic finish with subtle tones and minimal movement. Available in Organic and Cloud application styles. 

Natural is suitable for walls, bathrooms, and medium-traffic floors.

Refined: A plaster effect finish with several application styles, like Cloud and Organic. 

The refinished finish has no visible grains and is suitable for walls, bathrooms and low-traffic floors.

What is the best plaster finishing? 

The best plaster finishing depends on the specific needs and aesthetics of the project. 

luna plaster finishes

But if you want to speak to a local industry expert about the best plaster finish for your project, find a Luna Plaster-approved installer today. We have a network of installers across the globe who can recommend the best plaster finish for your project. 

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